Case Study Liebherr

The Liebherr Transportation Systems GmbH is member of MOVEEFFECT since March 2014. In the beginning a trial-project was started mainly to organize the internal sport groups without any donation activities. Especially the weekly mountain biking group took benefit of the increased visibility and the simple organisation through MOVEEFFECT. Within a short period of time the users number increased and the management decided to start with donations as well.
Through this action and according communication the numbers of users on MOVEEFFECT was increased by 48% within a very short period of time.
The on going organisation of team-events either from the company or employees on their own the number of users increased continuously and reached 20% of all employees within the first 6 months. Such events on regular basis as for example running-, night-skiing- or hiking-events resulted in positive feedback of the employees.Every month new goals were defined by the company to motivate the employees for more exercises. Here, the choice of the receiving organisation for the according goals was done by the employees themself in a democratic way. Every month a challenge cup was given to the best employee not regarding how much sports he/she was doing but how often.
Summing up it can be stated that through the engagement of Liebherr with MOVEEFFECT the employees were clearly motivated for more sports. This fact was confirmed in a anonymously carried out survey 10 months after the project started. The coupling of the sports activities with company donations showed a significant increase in either the participants and the activities. Through this and common activities the employee healthiness was supported and the team spirit increased noticeable. Even through autumn the motivation for sports worked which is very important for everyones immune system.


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